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Hire Us to be Your Qualified Manager

Hire a Qualified Manager (QM) Consultant

Professional Proposal for Qualified Manager Consultancy Services in Private Patrol Operator Business

Dear Prospective Security Business Owner,

I trust this message finds you well. This information is to introduce my specialized services as a Qualified Manager Consultant for individuals aiming to establish their Private Patrol Operator (PPO) businesses. Recognizing the urgency and complexities involved in the licensing process, I offer my expertise to guide and legally oversee your business operations until you obtain your license.

Overview of Services:

Why Choose Me as Your Qualified Manager:

By engaging my services as your Qualified Manager, you streamline the application process, eliminating delays associated with waiting for BSIS approval. As an experienced professional who has successfully passed the Qualified Manager's Exam and holds an active QM license, I facilitate the swift issuance of your PPO license. You, as the business owner, retain ownership and control throughout this process.

Service Fees:

To initiate the engagement, a retainer fee of $4,500 is required, covering a comprehensive six-month period. Post the initial six months, ongoing services are available at $1,100 per month, with a minimum 12-month commitment. Terms can be renegotiated after the first year of collaboration.

Scope of Responsibilities:

In addition to fulfilling the role of the Qualified Manager on record, I will actively support you in managing the day-to-day affairs of your business. As a Qualified Manager Apprentice, you will benefit from my guidance and expertise, with the assurance that ultimate decision-making authority rests with you as the business owner.

Guidance Towards QM License:

For individuals without prior security experience seeking to own a security company, my services provide a strategic solution. Even if you lack security industry background, you can own a security company by having a Qualified Manager. I recommend obtaining a guard card and working in security for at least a year to gain valuable experience. During this period, I can serve as your Qualified Manager, allowing you to accrue the necessary experience while maintaining ownership of your company. Once the required one-year experience is completed, I will endorse your Certificate of Experience, enabling you to sit for the Qualified Manager exam. Monthly fees during this period are $1,100, with adjustments based on specific liability and workload considerations.

Contact Information:

Honour Chick
Qualified Manager
Veritas Security Corporation
Veritas Security Services
2202 S. Figueroa Street #525
Los Angeles, CA 90007
Manager's Cell (213) 377-2222

I am committed to ensuring a smooth and efficient process as you embark on establishing and managing your security company. Please feel free to reach out for further clarification or to discuss how my services can best meet your specific needs.


Honour Chick
Qualified Manager
Veritas Security Corporation